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My sincere hope is that each of us can find joy in our bodies, minds, and worlds. Things can be tough at times, but beauty is there for those who seek it. Sometimes I’m high, sometimes I’m low, but mostly, I’m in between. Join me on my discovery of life through stories, pictures, and a slew of curious words.



[Review] In the Dream House

Dear Reader, Domestic abuse comes in all forms, yet U.S. law and popular culture primarily focus on physical violence that men have committed against women. While this description of abuse is prevalent and serious, it does not encapsulate the problem. What is missing from this narrative, however, is the wide spectrum of abuse including emotional,… Continue Reading →

I Do… Not?

Dear Reader, I have hopelessly fallen down the rabbit hole of reading memoirs that deal with complex relationships with one’s self, romantic partners, and society. A common topic that has cropped up in every single one of these stories is marriage. Perhaps this is not surprising; all memoirs that I have recently read feature female… Continue Reading →

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