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My sincere hope is that each of us can find joy in our bodies, minds, and worlds. Things can be tough at times, but beauty is there for those who seek it. Sometimes I’m high, sometimes I’m low, but mostly, I’m in between. Join me on my discovery of life through stories, pictures, and a slew of curious words.



It Hurts So Good

Dear Reader, Today, for the first time in my life, I got a professional massage. While I have always kind of wanted a massage, my cheap nature usually got in the way and compelled me to forgo this luxury. However, because I was experiencing some muscle soreness, I finally decided to book a massage… you… Continue Reading →

Zero-Dollar Ideas

Dear Reader, Do you ever feel like you’ve stumbled upon a million-dollar idea? I do sometimes, but unfortunately, most “million-dollar” ideas are worth zero dollars unless you have the ability to put your plan into action…. Because I have zero ability to put many of my plans into action, I will share my zero-dollar ideas… Continue Reading →

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