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My sincere hope is that each of us can find joy in our bodies, minds, and worlds. Things can be tough at times, but beauty is there for those who seek it. Join me on my discovery of life through stories, pictures, and a slew of curious words.



[Review] The Psychology of Money

Dear Reader, There is a short list of books that made my head spin in the best of ways (listed at the bottom of the post) — The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel is now on it. The beauty of The Psychology of Money is in the way that it’s told. Upfront, Housel informs… Continue Reading →

El Salvador: The Good, The Bad, and The Complicated

Dear Reader, El Salvador is a beautiful country but, I’ll be straight with you, it’s not in the best shape. By learning about Latin America in my college courses, I have become familiar with the migration situation, drug trafficking, and poverty. However, actually visiting a location is a whole other education. I recently took a… Continue Reading →

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