Until Next Time, Scotland!

Dear Reader,

My lovely Scottish adventure has come to an end. In this post, I just wanted to share some of my peculiar observations about Scotland that you may not find in your Google searches of the country.

Irn Bru soda, Edinburgh, Scotland, summer 2019

Irn Bru

You see this orangey, liquid concoction above? It’s not orange soda, but an Irn Bru (pronounced “iron brew”). What is an Irn Bru? Great Question! It surely does not taste like oranges. I would almost describe it as a banana-y or caramel-y soda. My boyfriend said that the taste reminded him of cold medicine that he used to take as a child. This is not something that I would normally drink. In fact, I’m sure that my eyes skimmed right over it several times before me Scottish friends pointed out the beverage to me. I asked them what’s Scottish, they said try the Irn Bru.

Vegan Burgers

Scotland is big on meat (have you tried the haggis?), however, there are many vegan-friendly options available. And, Dear Reader, not only are these options “available,” but are also reaaally good. I am not a vegan myself, however, I ordered the vegan cheeseburger more than once. In the United States, veggie/ vegan burgers are often listed on the menu without any sort of description of what is in the patty. Typically, one can expect to find either a quinoa or black bean-based burger, but also the “impossible” burger. To me, the impossible burger is the most burger-like as the texture is consistent like that of a beef patty and the taste does not lean heavily in one direction (e.g. it doesn’t taste strongly of black beans or quinoa). The meat-like, smoky taste of the impossible burger makes this burger a hands-down meatless favorite. All of the vegan burgers I encountered in Scotland were like the impossible burger and ALL were amazing. Even if you do eat meat, try the impossible burger (or any Scottish vegan burger), it just may surprise you!

Rainy day in Glasgow, Scotland, summer 2019


I was only in Scotland at the end of August, but I think it’s worth sharing my impressions of the weather during my time here. Make sure to pack your “Wellies,” Dear Reader, as it rains a lot in Scotland and wandering around with wet feet is no fun. While I was in Scotland the temperature jumped from 83 degrees, clear and sunny, to 55 degrees, cloudy and rainy. Make sure to check the weather before coming because you may end up needing to pack both sandals and shorts, as well as, rain boots and a jacket.

There is so much in Scotland to experience, Dear Reader. Vacationing can only offer us the smallest of glimpses into what it is really like to live in a place. I would love to get to know Scotland more, so as I sit in a taxi en route to the Glasgow airport, I just remind myself that this isn’t goodbye, but until next time.



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