Home Sweet Boston

Dear Reader,

After my travels to Iceland and Scotland, I have finally returned home to Boston! It can sometimes be hard to return back to everyday life after an adventure abroad. The thought of going to work, paying bills, and running errands can make one long for just a few more days as a traveler.

This is not a good feeling, Dear Reader. Longing to be somewhere other than where we are will not make us happy. I’m trying to get better at enjoying the moment rather than counting down to my next trip, so I am doing my best to see Boston with a “traveler’s mindset.” I am encouraging myself to become more aware and more interested in my surroundings in order to spark some excitement into the commonplace. In this way, I hope to make my home life more of an adventure.

In the meantime, Dear Reader, I am absolutely exhausted and I have developed a bit of a cold. If you follow my blog you may remember my “Well Wishes” post. In this entry, I describe how I use vitamin C and zinc tablets to stave off the common cold. Well, Dear Reader, this method worked and kept me well throughout my Icelandic adventure and most of my Scottish adventure. It wasn’t until my last day in Scotland when my exhaustion began to catch up with me that I began to develop stronger cold symptoms. 

Charles River, Boston, MA, summer 2018

Now, it is time to take a break from being a traveler and be happy back home. Wherever you are, Dear Reader, I hope it is a nice place, because coming home should never be something that brings us sadness.



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