Read and Listen

Dear Reader,

When was the last time you read a book beginning to end? I mean a solid, rectangular thing that takes up space in your backpack and compels you to manually turn every page. I, personally, am very into audiobooks right now and cannot remember the last time that I read (rather than listened to) a novel.

Little Free Library, Cambridge, MA, summer 2019

This morning on my daily commute I passed a Little Free Library. These little stands are set up all around Boston in neighborhoods to allow people to take and return books. While I have taken a few myself, I have returned many more as I am currently into my audiobook phase.

While I love audiobooks (listening to about 50 books a year), there is something about reading physical books that makes me want to get back into this habit. I especially love reading (and listening to audiobooks) when traveling. There are specific books that when I hear their title I am instantly reminded about where I read them because I was traveling. “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman – Argentina/ Uruguay, “100 Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Russia, “Our Kind of Cruelty,” by Araminta Hall – Oxford, England, and so on. 

Glasgow, Scotland, summer 2019

As a teen, a “travel book” was a must, as I was no longer interested in my Gameboy and my phone could do no more than make calls and send texts. If I see a Twilight book I will remember how I read one in the series on a family trip to Los Angeles as a middle schooler. My boyfriend actually abides by the travel book tradition. Whenever he goes on vacation, he tries to find a book that he can take with him to read throughout the duration of the trip. On our Scottish adventure, we ended up finding a Tom Clancy thriller for him at a Waterstones bookstore in Glasgow.

Personally, I remain an audiobook gal. There is something about listening to a story, Dear Reader, that will always push me in favor of audiobooks. It’s so human! It’s the way our ancient ancestors enjoyed tales. Walking and listening can be a transcendent experience. With the action unfolding between your ears and behind your eyes, you are no longer on your morning commute, but right at the center of the plot. Time means nothing. City sights and sounds are muffled and obscured so you can better listen….

Book of short stories, summer 2019

I digress. Regardless, Dear Reader, I would like to read something physical every now and again and I have recently found a book of short stories that I’m trying to get through in hard copy. With my busy life, sitting and reading is hardly an option, but these short stories are perfect for a ride on the subway or while waiting for a meeting to start.

You are, of course, a reader, Dear Reader, and I wonder what combinations of curious words intrigue you most. Well, whichever they may be, I hope they bring you happiness.



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