Drink Me

Dear Reader,

I bet you are dehydrated right now as you read this. Statistics are in my favor on this one, as 75% of Americans (and I’m sure others too) are chronically dehydrated.

When I was sick (I had a cold last week), my most prominent symptom was a dry mouth. I would drink a glass of water and then no more than 10 minutes later I would feel a very intense thirst. My throat was itchy and at times it was even a little hard to swallow. Because of this, I did my best to always have warm water handy. However, this could get a little boring so I started experimenting…. 

Haymarket, Boston, MA, summer 2019

I have begun to add fruit to my water. I started out with lemons (I just happened to have some left over from my baking adventures detailed in these posts “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Cookies” and “Failure is Not on the Ingredients List”), but then I also started to add berries. And, what a wonderful way this was to stay hydrated on a budget! Frozen fruits work just as well as fresh ones. If you’re like me and tote around a plastic bottle filled with tap water, you know that your water is not going to taste the freshest. Adding a little bit of fruit (or sometimes a lot) to my water bottle has drastically improved the tap-water taste and helped me drink more. Adding fruit is also great if you are looking to cut out juice or soda from your diet. 

Fruit-infusing water bottle, ca 2018

At one point I had a “fruit-infusing” water bottle. With this bottle one can add fruits to a little “caged” center. I usually went overboard with the fruits and left them in the water for hours which only made the berries come apart and slide out of the cage.

But even if fruity water isn’t your thing, Dear Reader, I just hope you are staying hydrated 🙂 



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