Share a Coke with Lauren

Dear Reader,

It’s Monday again and despite my efforts to get work done over the weekend, things piled up once again in my inbox by midday. Today was an especially busy day and mid-September is an especially busy time. Things can get overwhelming quickly when the only thing on the horizon seems to be more and more work. 

Despite our busy schedules, my colleague and I went on a short walk in the early afternoon and then stopped at a cafe. Although I had already surpassed my caffeine quota for the day I ended up picking up a Coke zero at the counter. To my surprise I got one of the bottles that said “Share a Coke with so-and-so.” My colleague got share a Coke with “Cortez” and I got “Lauren.” 

I actually know a Lauren so I texted her a picture of myself with the bottle as a joke. Almost immediately, she responded with genuine surprise and delight (emojis were involved) to see that I sent her the pic. And, just like that, Dear Reader, my mood was lifted. Just a few lines from Lauren and then all the stress from earlier in the day was (momentarily) no longer on my mind. 

I really think it’s true what they say that “it’s all about the little moments.” It’s amazing what little things, like opening a door for someone, paying someone a compliment, or sending someone a friendly text can do for your mood. 

From Lauren’s text messages, I can tell that she was too feeling the warmth of this little exchange. What a nice and unexpected thing that happened today. So, I guess I owe this moment to Coke (very effective marketing!!) and will reiterate Lauren’s message “Thank you Coke. Thank. You.” I hope you too, Dear Reader, will find your own special moments today (Coke optional).



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