Something to Look Forward To

Dear Reader,

I love to travel but I’m in between trips at the moment and life is carrying on as usual. Over the summer, my travel schedule was incredible (California, Iceland, England, to name a few stops) but it was also incredibly exhausting. Now with just work and no trips, things are just plain exhausting. But, at least I have the next trip to look forward to.

Aren’t we always looking forward to something? The next vacation, the next party, or even our next meal? Can we ever just live without thinking about the next new thing? Sometimes it can be hard to fully live in the moment. Even when I’m at work and my mind is rather occupied, I find that I have to keep track of the time so I don’t forget to make my next call or forget to have the next deliverable prepared for the meeting. Often, even when I can just be in the moment, it’s only for a short period.

Red Square, Moscow, Russia, winter 2019

The next thing I’m looking forward to is traveling to Russia. If my visa application pulls through in time, I will be going on a trip to participate in an interesting, but intensive week-long program on discussions in pressing international topics. While the program will be a full-time commitment, it’s a very interesting break in my routine to look forward to (not to mention what is sure to be an incredible experience!). However, what will happen when I return from Russia? Will looking forward to a catered meeting or Sunday brunch be enough to look forward to? Sometimes I struggle to answer such questions. I didn’t use to travel so much, but now I throw myself at any opportunity because I feel that traveling is the thing that I enjoy and look forward to most.

As I wait for my Russian visa application to pend, I force myself to remember the smaller things in life that I can also look forward to — going to my favorite cafe, having a night out with my boyfriend, or even just bowling. When I was a kid, birthday parties (not even just my own) were one of life’s most momentous events. When I was in college doing something with my friend group, whether it was morning mimosas or a trip to the amusement park were the events to look forward to.

I don’t know, maybe I’m in a travel phase and 10-15 years down the line I will look forward to my future children’s school plays or publishing my latest book (I can dream 🙂 ). Maybe I can always have something to look forward to. Maybe it’s easier to live in the moment when my “thing to look forward to” doesn’t involve me going hundreds or even thousands of miles elsewhere. Maybe, Dear Reader, living in the moment is just enjoying the things you look forward to, but also enjoying the many things that come in between.



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