Too Much of a Good Thing

Dear Reader,

I suffer gravely from an “all or nothing” mindset (see my very first blog post here for clarification). If I decide that I’m going to do something I will look up classes or create a timeline of next steps for myself. Although I have not seen many of my little endeavors through to completion, I always go into something will 100% effort. In this way, sometimes it’s hard for me to just say, “I want to be healthier, so I will try to exercise more.” Rather, I will say that I will go to the gym everyday unless extremely inconvenient. But then, when things do become “extremely inconvenient” I’ll just stop going to the gym altogether until I set out on a new exercise plan. 


I’m saying all of this now, because I think it’s finally time to confront my Tatte habit. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Tatte (pronounced “TA-tay”) Bakery and Cafe is an upscale, Israeli-inspired chain in Boston. They serve traditional dishes including shakshukas and bourekas, as well as cafe classics including coffee, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Tatte also has an amazing bread and pastry selection and they serve breakfast all day.


The real reason I’m obsessed with Tatte is because they serve something known as a “muesli bowl,” which is basically a yogurt parfait made with labneh yogurt, berries, pears, nuts, granola, sesame seeds, and honey. Before Tatte, I occasionally ordered yogurt parfaits for breakfast, however there are so many different parfait varieties that I was never really certain whether I would enjoy what I ordered. The inconsistent quality of the parfaits made me hesitant to order them. However, hesitate I will have to no more… Tatte’s muesli bowl is everything I could have asked for in a yogurt parfait. The yogurt is on the tart side, but the honey drizzle and the granola mix give it an appropriate sweetness. The berries, when mixed in, also give the yogurt a very nice flavor and a pinkish color. 

Muesli bowl, Tatte

Unfortunately, I have gone overboard with the muesli bowls. There was a point that I was ordering more than one of these a day. I would look forward to muesli bowls the night before and crave one on my morning commute. There were mornings when my mood was ruined because I had found out that the cafe was out of yogurt and could not prepare this signature dish. I definitely had (or have) a problem. Admission is the first step. I do not go to Tatte more than once a day anymore. In fact, I’m decreasing the total number of days per week that I will go. While I’m bad at moderation, I hope I can succeed where the muesli bowl is concerned. I do not know why I am prone to go overboard all of the time, but I at least hope that I can get better at recognizing this pattern of behavior and put an end to it before it becomes a problem.


There is nothing addictive about muesli bowls. My feelings toward them are wholy a product of my mentality. On that note, for all of you moderates out there, I would recommend a dish or a pastry from Tatte. The food is quality and the cafe environment is bright and friendly. The breakfast menu is available all day, Dear Reader, and I would recommend that you try the muesli bowl at any time.



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