The Weary Traveler

Dear Reader,

I have made it to Moscow at long last and with no problems to speak of. In fact, I had a pretty enjoyable flight. After a not-so-fun layover at JFK (read more here), other than a slightly late departure, the rest of journey was pretty good. I guess this owes to the fact that our plane left at 1am and I was totally exhausted which meant I was actually able to sleep upright in an economy seat for 6ish consecutive hours. I also managed to finish reading the book that I started in this post (pictured above).

I flew on Aeroflot, which is a Russian airline. Despite any stereotypes you may have heard, I would consider this to be a quality airline. It’s not like one of those budget airlines in which you need to pay extra for everything. Upon boarding, travelers will find a blanket, pillow, and even slippers on their seats. All passengers receive standard meals and headphones for the inflight entertainment is included. The thing I find most amusing about Russian airlines is that the passengers clap upon landing.

Blogging from the lobby, Moscow, Russia, fall 2019

Despite all of my sleep today was a tiring day. The drive from the Sheremetyevo airport to the hotel was over an hour with traffic. I had some interesting thoughts and observations from my car ride, but at this point I’m just glad to have arrived. I am tired from being tired, now, I will sleep (again), but there will be more to come!

S lyubov’yu (Love),


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