New? Why Not!

Dear Reader,

Are you a fan of casinos? I’m not, but the Encore hotel and casino just opened in Boston over the summer and it has been on my list of places to visit. My mom and sister came into town this weekend to visit and when I mentioned that a casino recently opened, this destination was immediately added to the weekend agenda.

Regardless of how you feel about casinos, the Encore is absolutely beautiful. Located right on the Mystic River in Everett, MA, the Encore stands higher and shines brighter than any other structure in the area.

Walking into the Encore, visitors step into a bright white atrium, ostentatiously decorated with floral arrangements. The hallways connecting the grand entrance to the shops and casino are lined with bright red carpets with a floral pattern and the entrance to the casino itself is guarded with a velvet rope.

Encore hotel, Boston, MA 02140

The casino is loud and bright and almost too regal looking to simply be a game room. Blood red chandeliers jut down from the ceilings and curtains frame hallways one and two floors up.

My mom and my sister are interested in the slot machines. They change their $20 dollars into a ticket and then pace around the first floor scouting out “good” machines. All of the machines could very well be the same. They all have flashy lights, large titles, and “pingy” and “bingy” sound effects.

My mom and sister scouted out the machines with the lowest cost to play, which turned out to be about 25 cents a game. They pressed buttons repeatedly seeing their sum rise and fall. They didn’t even bother pulling the slot machine levers, but opted for the button, rewarding them with more instant gratification.One man, on his way out, handed my mom a ticket worth 80 cents. My mom played the ticket and made $13.50 dollars! However, at the end of the trip she walked away with nothing more than a small handful of coins.

I’m not much into these games, but it was interesting to see and experience the casino with people who had a genuine interest in the place. Why not try something new, Dear Reader, if only for the experience.


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