Sweater Weather

Dear Reader,

I know that this is already totally obvious, however, I must say right now that the weather is very, very important.

My mom and sister came to visit me in Boston over the weekend. They had booked their flights in July and I was hesitant to plan too many outdoor activities because I had no idea what autumn in Boston in early October would look like this year. Some weeks in early autumn it feels like an extended summer, while on other weeks it is like monsoon season.

Cambridge, MA, fall 2019

Despite my preoccupations, I had decided to book a trip to Salem, MA to experience the Halloween festivities (see my post about it here). I got suuuuper lucky with the weather this weekend; I cannot stress this enough!

Autumn can be so beautiful in Boston! While the leaves are still mostly green now, there are pumpkins stationed across the city and Halloween decorations grace storefronts and cover houses. This past weekend the air was a little brisk, but the sky was clear. My mom even remarked (during her very short trip) that New England autumns are beautiful! While this was true for the weekend that she visited, we who live here know how precious these times are as the weather is highly changeable during this little corner of the calendar year.

I know that winter weather is coming (probably too) soon and that the temperatures today may not be this high again for several months. These thoughts make me want to jump up from my desk and just run outside during the workday. This autumn, I vow to do all things autumn because this is my favorite time of the year and I think I will need these experiences to carry me through Boston’s long and dark winter (that even drags into early spring).

Pumpkin ice cream, JP Licks, Cambridge, MA, fall 2019

So, now I will embrace the cliches, order pumpkin-flavored everything, wear cardigans, and go all-out for Halloween (and binge-watch the classics!). I hope you too, Dear Reader, will find something fun to celebrate this autumnal season 🙂  


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