Stop and Smell the Redwoods

Dear Reader,

It’s another rainy day in Boston. At least this time the rain is light. Today, I visited the Apple store because I was having a problem with my iPhone. On my pace to their Bolyston location, I walked through the Boston Public Garden. From an aerial view on a map, the Boston Public Garden appears to be the smaller half of the Boston Common, another park located in downtown Boston.

Dawn Redwood, Boston, MA, fall 2019

I have walked through the public garden many times, though mainly as a thoroughfare. However, today, I was running a little early to my appointment, so I wandered a little despite the rain. The first thing that caught my eye about the park was the many different trees. The red wood pictured is certainly out of place here in the middle of Boston. Along with the trees, there are also many plants and flowers that are likely not native to the area.

Make Way for Ducklings, fall 2019

There are quite a few statues also in the park, however, the most “interesting” is probably the “Make way for Ducklings” monument pictured above, pulled right from the 1941 children’s book by Robert McCloskey.

The stroll through the park today turned out to be an unexpected pleasure. This is a reminder to myself, Dear Reader, that sometimes it is good to just slow down and enjoy the moment every once and a while.



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