Incidental Street Fair

Dear Reader,

Today there was a street fair in Harvard Square. The roads were closed and vendors and food trucks lined the sidewalks. Although I love these sorts of events, I found it to be very strange that I did not hear about the street fair until I was walking in the area this morning and saw people setting up for the event. While I did manage to find a website for the event after the fact, I didn’t see any signs advertising the event. 

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, fall 2019

I imagine decades ago, street fairs were the sort of thing that people would talk about for weeks and people would move their schedules around to attend. Today for me, it seemed like — oh, this is lucky! Perhaps, it was better that it was a surprise because I came in with zero expectations and was quite satisfied with my experience. There are so many little moving pieces involved these events. Roads are closed, police officers are stationed, vendors must arrive to set up, an emcee coordinates the musical acts, and there must be a few supervisors overseeing the entire charade. There are some people who had to plan for weeks or even months to pull off this event and all I did was accidentally show up. I’ve helped manage events before, but absolutely nothing of this size (read more here). Today, the street fair was a welcome surprise and a very nice way to continue to celebrate the autumn season.

Sometimes we get lucky, Dear Reader, sometimes good things just happen and the only thing that we can really do is enjoy them.



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