Happy Halloween to All!

Harvard Arts Museum, Cambridge, MA, fall 2019

Dear Reader,

Happy Halloween! Did you dress up this year? As a 20-something with an office job, I did indeed go to work today… but I did it in style. I woke up at 6am and turned my kitchen into a studio as I piled on layers of face paint, eyeshadow and lipstick. My partner, also very much in the Halloween spirit, joined in for the little makeup session and changed into a costume of his own. I was a Victorian-era vampiress. See the picture above. This is me. And, yes, this is exactly how I shuffled into the office this morning.

On top of my costume for Halloween, I also prepared little treat bags for my office mates. We could all use a little amusement in our lives. I know that my costume sparked joy (and a healthy dose of fear) in those who passed by me on my morning commute. Several people complimented me on my outfit and a few even asked for pictures. If a few people in costume can bring that much joy into the world, imagine what it could be like if we all dressed up and partook in the celebration? There are so many little ways in which we can spread happiness. A little candy and face paint can go a very long way.

Although I passed hundreds of people today, I only saw less than five adults in any sort of costume at all. When I walked into cafes, I was told on both occasions that they hadn’t seen anyone else in costume at all today. In the first cafe I stopped in, I overheard a woman whisper to her boyfriend that she totally forgot that today was Halloween!? The children are, of course, in the Halloween spirit. They are all giddy and excited to show off their costumes. This day for them, much like for myself, is something that they have been eagerly awaiting. As children, many are still filled with feelings of glee, rather than with preoccupations about looking foolish or silly.

Embracing your childish side and allowing yourself to experience joy without reservation can bring you happiness without bound. Some of my most vivid memories are those that are tied to feelings of elation. In life, stress is abundant and some sort of personal struggle is guaranteed. I think it is important to find happiness in our surroundings. Enjoying the holidays (even if you find them to be a bit silly or juvenile) is an easy way to re-introduce pleasure into one’s life.

I wish you a very Happy Halloween, Dear Reader, one filled with costumes, chocolates, and nice surprises!



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