Manic Monday

Hang in there 🙂

Dear Reader,

Are you familiar with Murphy’s Law? If not, it’s the old adage that states — anything that can go wrong, will indeed go wrong. Of course, this is not a scientific fact, but when you’re having a bad day, it can sometimes be comforting to think that the events that transpired are not your fault.

It’s just another manic Monday. I borrowed the line from The Bangles’ song because it perfectly characterizes my day today (which also happens to be a Monday). The first not-so-great thing that happened this morning was that I woke up with a minor headache. I am used to headaches as I often get them from sleeping in the wrong position or from dehydration (and not even from alcohol! Just natural), so I just drank more water this morning and hoped for the best. 

Then, unexpectedly, when I was doing my makeup, I broke my pencil sharpener! I felt the little thing literally crumble in my hands! It’s so old that I do not even remember when I got it, however, I was still a little sad to see it meet its sudden demise.

Moving forward, today at work, I was tasked with meeting a moving company at a storage facility to retrieve items for a project. The meeting (which was planned by a colleague) was set for 8am at a storage facility. I believed everything to be set and I hurried off to meet the movers at the site. However, it turned out that the movers messaged my colleague that they would be arriving very, very late, but I did not receive the message in time. So, although I moved around my schedule to make this early meeting, I was left sitting outside the storage facility without a clue as to why no one was there to meet me.

After calling the facility and waiting several more minutes, I was informed that the movers were experiencing car trouble and that they would arrive in about an hour or so…. By this time, my minor headache turned into a medium one. Feeling unwell and not wanting to sit on the floor by the elevator for another hour, I called an Uber to go to the office and wait. 

The Uber driver was wearing very heavy cologne, which made my headache turn from a medium one to a major one. To make matters worse still, we were stuck in heavy rush hour traffic. While sitting in the Uber, I received a phone call from the moving company. They informed me that the movers would actually make it to the storage facility in a half hour rather than the 1 hour+ that they originally estimated! This quick turn around meant that I would arrive at the office and immediately need to turn back to the storage facility. However, the heavy traffic meant that I would in fact be late for the movers if I proceeded with my current plan.

Somerville, MA, fall 2019

So, at a red light by a Target store, I decided to abandon the Uber. Because I was feeling so unwell from my headache by that time, I went into the Target and I bought myself a Coke Zero and took a Tylenol. I then called another Uber and made it back to the storage facility to meet the movers. 

The moving process went pretty smoothly, but I still felt sick from my headache for several hours afterwards. At the end of the day, at least I managed to coordinate the move of everything from point A to point B and at least I did not vomit in the process. Mondays can be tough. This one was especially so. At the end of the day, Dear Reader,… at least it’s the end of the day 😉 Wishing you better days than mine.



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