Yeah, I work out

Dear Reader,

Do you go to the gym? And, if so, what type of gym goer are you? I have recently begun to follow through on my goal of ‘going to the gym.’ It took a while, but I’m finally beginning to develop a routine. As a person who likes to watch people, I wanted to share a few of my observations about gym goers.

The Couple

Some people seem to only go to the gym in pairs. Whether its boyfriend and girlfriend or just friends, these people usually go to the group in two. The “couple at the gym” can be divided into two units—the alpha and the beta. The alpha is the one who initiates the gym meeting and the one who declares when it is over.  The beta follows the alpha. While the beta likely has some interest in the gym, the beta is usually the one who is looking over his/her shoulder to see whether the alpha is showing signs of slowing down.

The Chatty Cathy

Some people just like to talk. Sometimes these people can be found as a part of “the Couple” above, but other times these people are just on their own. I have found a surprising number of people to be on the phone while at the gym. Many times, these are just millennials talking to their parents. However, yesterday, I overheard a man on the phone trying set up a date with a romantic prospect. As soon as he arrived at the gym, he initiated the call. The call began out innocuous enough (banal conversation starters) but then it turned into the pursuit. The man then said “yeah, I’m at the gym, working out, but you should pick me up later.” He mentioned that he was at the gym several times during the call. He probably clanged around the weights a little extra to make sure his romantic prospect really knew that he was, in fact, at the gym. From the conversation, it sounded like he did successfully nail down a dinner date (he’s buying apparently).

The Athlete

Some people come to the gym with a mission. Some people are going to jog for 45 mins straight while others aim to exercise every single muscle tissue from the waist up. Some people just have more experience at the gym. They build confidence and routines with time. These are the sort of people who know how to use all the machines correctly and approach the equipment in some sort of predetermined order. These people are a little intimidating. They do not usually have a problem asking you if you are finished with a machine so they can complete their circuit.

At least I’m at the gym

There are some gym goers out there that do not actually do so much at the gym. Many can be found on their phones texting, taking selfies, or pausing for long intervals to watch the TV screen mounted along the wall. A milder version these people are those who walk slowly on the treadmill or pedal leisurely on a recumbent bike while reading or watching TV. Sometimes these people are here for all of 15 mins, while other times they carry on languidly for over an hour. For these people, it is perhaps enough just to be at the gym.

Do you fit into any of the above categories, Dear Reader? At times, I am part of the couple, at others I am “at least at the gym” and, on a good day, I am an athlete. Whether you’re a gym goer or not, some exercise every once and a while is probably a good thing. Embrace your style and get moving.

Wishing you a happy and healthy life.



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