Thanksgiving Italiano

Dear Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving!! If you are in the U.S., Dear Reader, how do you normally spend Thanksgiving? For me, I usually visit family, however, after my grandmother passed, I do not make it home for the holiday at all anymore. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where the company is really important. For the past two years, I have spent Thanksgiving in Boston with friends, colleagues, and professors. It was a tradition, until it was no longer possible.

You’ve heard of “Friendsgiving,” well, this year, I had my first “colleaguesgiving”. I was nervous about the event at first, as the two other attendants are higher than me on the corporate ladder. However, after I ordered my first drink at the restaurant, everything turned out better than I expected. Holidays are the perfect excuse to get close to those around you. When you have good food, conversation, and a joyful atmosphere to bring you together, everything feels lighter.

I am a pescatarian this year (since summer 2018), which meant that I did not have a normal Thanksgiving dinner. I spent Thanksgiving this year at an Italian restaurant, which meant that the holiday was more of a fancy night out rather than a sacred American tradition. My entrée was an eggplant parmesan dish…. While the lack of cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie could easily put one in a sour mood on this day, I must say that the food was not the centerpiece of this holiday this year. Thanksgiving really is about the people.

Pecan pie, Boston, MA, Thanksgiving 2019

Although a break in tradition is weird, Dear Reader, I had a very good evening. While I loved my family tradition of Thanksgiving growing up, I must say, I’m glad that I was able to feel joy at a new variation on the holiday rather than sadness or regret.

I don’t know with whom you spent Thanksgiving this year, Dear Reader. I do not know whether your turkey was meticulously prepared in your own kitchen, or whether it was bought read-to-go at your local grocery store. I do not know whether you spent Thanksgiving the traditional way–with family and friends–with acquaintances, or whether you flew solo this year. All that I do know, Dear Reader, is that the holidays are a very special time. Thanksgiving should make you feel good, and loved, and joyful on the inside. I do not know how you spent Thanksgiving, Dear Reader, but I hope it warmed your sensitive soul. We all deserve to feel good and fulfilled, especially on the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Reader, you deserve it.



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