The Sound of Falling Snow

Dear Reader,

They say that it’s quieter when it snows. This is because snow absorbs sound. Have you ever been alone in the falling snow?

This morning I walked to work before sunrise through a winter wonderland. It is so peaceful to see snow silently falling into a prestine white sheet. Untouched snow is so perfect and even, as if Mother nature has decided that the earth were in need of a frosty blanket.

The winter weather this morning was truly something to behold. In the early morning light, everthing is a little brighter when it is reflected off the tiny icy crystals. The muddy, green-brown park is transformed into an ivory field speckled with gray-white trees with bare limbs. I was the first to tred down my block this morning. I was also the first to cut across the parking lot and climb up the small grassy hill to reach the three way intersection. My steps, however, fell in-line with many others imprinted in the snow when I crossed the street onto the opposing sidewalk.

I’m not a big fan of precipitation, but there is something about snow that I really enjoy. One reason that I’m not a fan of rain is because I do not like getting wet–I’m like a cat in this way. Snow is better because it has a built-in warning signal. If snow gets on your coat, you can quickly wipe it away and spare yourself from getting soaked. If rain splashes onto your coat–game over, Dear Reader. Another reason I prefer snow is quite practical. When rain freezes, it turns into dangerously, slippery ice, however, when snow freezes, it is still just snow! When faced with an icy sidewalk or a snowy stretch of grass, I would choose the latter every single time. Snow is snow, at 32 degrees or zero, it is consistent, reliable, enduring, true blue, and evergreen. Snow is just snow.

My morning commute was transformed today. Although it was cold, wet, and dark, everything looked beautiful to my eyes. Maybe, sometimes it isn’t our surroundings, Dear Reader, maybe sometimes it is just how we look at things.



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