Eternal Sunshine of the Present Mind

Dear Reader,

Do you ever have a day that just doesn’t start until 2pm? I’m a morning person, so for me staying home any later than 8am is cause for alarm. However, today, I did not make it out the door until the middle of the afternoon and it’s not for lack of trying. Do you know Salvador Dali’s famous painting “Persistence of Memory,” that surrealist image of melting clocks in the middle of nowhere? That’s what my day felt like. Every time I checked the clock it was an hour later than last time. Time felt like it was just slipping through my fingers.

Some days are hard, Dear Reader. Sometimes things are overwhelmingly busy and we are forced to push through. However, other times we must listen to ourselves and allow our bodies, brains, and emotions to take the day off. I did not feel too great today, Dear Reader.

The human brain has an enormous capacity for imagination. Sometimes if we feel bad, we imagine we are doomed to continue to feel bad. Sometimes we rely too much on the past and present to predict the future. Just because something is one way now or was one way then, it does not mean it is always destined to be that way. Things change when we make them. We create nice futures for ourselves when we make good, healthful, forward-looking decisions for ourselves. We must never dwell on the past, Dear Reader, for better or for worse, the past is behind us and it is there for a reason. What we left behind or what left us behind are now just memories. We must come to terms with the past and turn lingering painful thoughts into memories. We must allow ourselves some distance. If we don’t we leave ourselves vulnerable to fear and regret.

We all deserve a happy future, Dear Reader, one filled with love, friendship, and adventure. We are happiest when our minds are free to live in the moment and take pleasure from the people and opportunities around us. A clear mind is like a breath of fresh air or a glass of water with a perfect pH balance (7 by the way). ‘What if’s’ and ‘what could have been’s’ are scripts for disaster. If you must lie in bed all, Dear Reader, I hope you will keep these things in mind. Healing takes time. If you need to hear it again, I will repeat—healing takes time. I hope you find your inner peace, the journey will be well worth the outcome.



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