Living Beyond the Crisis

Dear Reader,

If someone were to tell you six months ago that a relatively unknown virus would paralyze global travel, commerce, kill thousands, and force people to stay in their homes in 2020, you would probably assume they were trying to sell you on joining some sort of anti-government cult. However, let’s say you believed the message. If you would have known that the coronavirus was coming, what would you have done differently? And, I don’t mean moving all of your investments into N95 mask or ventilator production companies. Would you have gotten out more, traveled more, or even have visited loved ones more?

The pandemic has made it imperative that we cancel our vacations, shopping excursions, and social gatherings. Our new science fiction-esque reality is unfortunately playing out indefinitely. Leadership at my employment announced that a remote work situation would be in place indefinitely for all non-essential employees. Events for later in the spring have preemptively been cancelled or postponed. In Massachusetts, a “stay at home” order has been put in place until at least April 7th. Like it or not, this is the world that we are living in, yet, life must always move forward.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is producing devastating consequences to businesses, entire industries, and not to mention to us as individuals. At times it seems that our world has come to a standstill. I saw a meme recently that stated something along the lines of “You have the opportunity to save the entire human race just by staying at home. You will never have this opportunity again. Don’t mess it up.” While humorous, there is some wisdom embedded here.

We are living in a unique time. We do not know what will come next. Maybe things will slowly go back to normal or maybe things will become much, much worse. Even in the midst of uncertainty, we must continue to live each day, rather than just wait things out. You have the opportunity to save the entire human race just by staying home. I’m sure many of us could use a little more time at home. Even though the opportunity to stay at home came with this horrible, morbid package, we should still take advantage of this opportunity.

Imagine, things really do get worse after the virus is contained. For example, it is forecasted that airlines could take a $113 billion hit due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. Additionally, I heard that a bagel company that I recently became familiar with may go under as it continues to suffer pandemic-related revenue losses. Boston Sports Club laid off all of its employees overnight. Daily, I receive news alerts about how stocks are plummeting despite government assistance. The post-coronavirus world may be just as scary as our present situation.

Life is filled with uncertainties, but humans must persist. We do not know what legislation will be passed next week, where we will be able to go next month, or what the economy will look like next year. Now, more than ever before, it is important that we try our best to live each moment meaningfully. The situation is tough, I understand that. Maybe you, Dear Reader, are working from home, taking care of kids, working overtime at your essential job, or were laid off. Things are probably hard for you and that is sad. I urge you to consider that our present reality is the new normal. Perhaps, some of us feel stressed because we do not know how long or how bad things will get. If you knew that this situation would persist for two more months, would you change the way you are living right now? If you are not happy with your quality of life, then it is important for your health (physical, mental, emotional) that you address your needs and figure out how you can best accommodate them despite the pandemic.

We have the opportunity to save the entire human race by staying home. We may never have this opportunity again. I hope you do your best to live every day according to your values and in a way that would make yourself proud. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring and preoccupying ourselves with ‘what if’s’ will not change the future.

Today may not look good in your eyes, Dear Reader, but it is literally the only opportunity we will have in history to live in the now. I hope you can find reason to smile, a means of connecting with loved ones, and a way to live well in the comfort of your own home. As always, Dear Reader, I am rooting for you and wishing you the very best every single day.



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