Box of Joy

Dear Reader,

“They say that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. This pandemic proves that you don’t need fun to have alcohol.” – meme circulating on Facebook

Are you spending all of your time at home during the pandemic? I am in my third week of a loose self-quarantine (more here) and at times, it feels as if my mood and my brain are all over the place. Although I’m doing my best to stay healthy by working out (more here) and attempting to refrain from snacking (more here), sometimes I feel as if my body just needs a total break from following all of my mental rules. This desire led me on an enjoyable and boozy journey….

Massachusetts liquor laws are puritanical. My first time in Ohio, I was surprised to learn that Wal Mart carried alcohol and that there were drive thrus at which one could procure a cold one. In Massachusetts, alcohol is centralized at liquor stores. For this reason, I was concerned that I may not be able to buy alcohol during the social-distancing restrictions. Well, fear not, I need not! Alcohol was deemed “essential business” and liquor stores across the state are still up and running despite the pandemic.

I’m no lush, but if this pandemic is going to last several more weeks, it would be foolish of me not to stock up on all supplies. Loath to leave the house for something as trivial as alcohol, I decided that I would look into delivery services. Knowing MA’s strict liquor laws, I began my search in a skeptical state. However, I was excited to see that a local liquor store offered delivery once a week. Sold! But, with busy schedules, the deadline to order alcohol for that week’s batch quickly came and passed. Luckily, there was another (better!) option waiting around the corner.

Have you heard of Drizly? Drizly is an online marketplace for alcohol products from local liquor stores and delivery service. With Drizly, one can browse hundreds of wine, beer, and liquor varieties from nearby vendors. The best part about Drizly though is that purchases are delivered in under an hour. I was doubtful of this claim but was willing to try the service all the same. At check out, the estimated delivery arrival time was about 40 minutes later. However, below this estimate was a blue label that stated that due to high demand, delivery times may be delayed. Of course! Sometimes things are just too good to be true…but, then again, sometimes they aren’t!

About twenty minutes after placing the order, I received a text message indicating that the driver was en route. Then, another handful of minutes later, I received a text that the driver had arrived. I was shocked to say the least. I hurried downstairs and was excited to see our driver patiently waiting with a box in hand. The changeover was easy and in no time, my boyfriend and I were unloading the contents. One item that I selected was a Samuel Adams beer sampler. I visited the Samuel Adams Brewery in Stony Brook a few weeks ago (more here) and was excited to try more of their selections. Later, I randomly chose a beer to taste called the “Porch Rocker.” It is described as a “refreshing and tangy radler.” “Radler” is a German word that can be translated to mean “shandy” (i.e. a beer mixed with lemonade or a lemon/ lime beverage). I would reverse the description of the Porch Rocker to a “tangy and refreshing radler” as the taste was initially pungent and acidic, but then dissolved into a softer taste before swallowing. Either way, I was satisfied with the products and service!

Sometimes things are tough, and you need a break. Even when you are home for 24 hours in a day, you still deserve a rest. For me, buying the alcohol was permission to enjoy myself even when the world is in a dismal state. We need not feel guilty for wanting to feel good even when things are bleak. My enjoyment on this day was delivered to me in a box in under an hour. If your joy is within your reach, Dear Reader, stretch out your arm and grab it.



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