The Beginner’s Bread

Dear Reader,

Are you a fan of flatbread? To be honest, although I have had flatbread in the past, I had never prepared one until the pandemic. For many, flatbreads have become a new staple as they require so few ingredients, but also because they can be really, very good!

In my flatbread adventures, I have found that most recipes have the following basic components:

  • Base – flour (all-purpose, wheat, or gluten-free)
  • Liquid – warm water, buttermilk (warm preferable), or yogurt
  • Oil – vegetable/ olive oil or butter
  • Salt

While the above is essentially all that you need for a flatbread, some more flavorful, fancier options may include the following:

  • Spices – garlic, parsley, or sugar for taste
  • Leaveners – baking powder, baking soda, or yeast to make the dough less flat and more fluffy

Making flatbread is also super simple. One only needs to combine the ingredients into dough and then roll the dough into thin disks (this process will take longer if one chooses to include yeast). Then, to cook on a stovetop, one only needs to turn the knob to medium heat and cook the bread on each side for about a minute.

After a few flatbread blunders (which on one occasion led to a smoky apartment, and on another occasion resulted in doughy bread), I can now trust that all of my flatbread creations will turn out (more or less) as expected.

I do declare that flatbread is the gateway bread. It’s easy to make, it takes little time to prepare (no more than 30 mins), and they’ll make you want to bake more! If you’re interested in flatbread, check out a few of these simple recipes:

Happy cooking!



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