[Review] We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Dear Reader,

Sometimes things get stressful and our minds just crave unadulterated entertainment. For me, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays by Samantha Irby unexpectedly became exactly what I was looking for. This memoir is too funny for words. It’s so hilarious, in fact, I hardly even want to write about it at the risk of serving it a grave injustice. Instead, I will leave you with a bunch of the author’s words to mostly show (rather than tell) you how great this book is.


“Hobbling clumsily around limbs akimbo is the double worst…”

“Why do people say live life to its fullest? I watch TV all day and leave the house only for snacks — this is the fullness I am living.”

When buying a swimsuit – “I would like to see your most opaque turtleneck-kini,” I declared “and your finest ankle-length swim bloomers”

“If you can have one square of triple thin crust pizza and happily close the top of the box and put it in your refrigerator until the next day and not wake up periodically throughout the night asking yourself whether or not you’ve made a huge mistake, then maybe this is not the book for you.”

Irby’s humor can be crude, explicit, and crass, however, her observational comedy is so on point and well-timed that words like “brood mare,” “shellacked,” and “caterwaul” grace the pages unobtrusively with your favorite four-letter words.

If you are actually interested in the plot, it is a collection of Irby’s personal essays that highlight points in her life relating to her rocky upbringing, romantic relationships, and struggles like that of work, dieting, and frankly, just meandering through life unsure of what to do next.

If the above does not tickle your fancy, then, perhaps this isn’t the book for you. However, if any of the quotes brought you even a brief moment of levity if not a hearty chortle, then do pick up We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.

Happy reading!



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