Hidden Trails

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Clunky concrete buildings are so run of the mill in parts of Boston that it can be hard to see the beauty in the tedious industrialization. The Alewife bus and subway station is one such structure that blends right into the highway and office buildings surrounding it. At a glance, the Alewife station is just a way-stop for commuters from the suburbs on their way to the center of Boston. However, if you take a step back from, or more precisely, around the building, you will uncover a piece of nature finely preserved and inconspicuously tucked away just out of plain sight.

Have you ever visited the Alewife Brook Reservation? It’s a tiny state park just steps behind the transit station and home to many bird species including swans, ducks, but also osprey and the great blue heron. This path is a hidden gem as much of it is obscured by residential and office buildings. On a morning exploration, I ventured over to the Reservation with my camera to snap pictures of the many types of birds (most of which I sadly am unable to identify on my own).

While the park is no Arnold Arboretum (more here), it is certainly a nice little patch of nature to stroll through and lounge in. The paths are wide, well maintained, and are friendly to walkers, joggers, bikers, and even those with strollers (or otherwise on wheels). Additionally, off the main walks are a few narrow dirt paths which lead into the thin woods in the surrounding area.

A quirky touch to this strip of land is that at different intervals lie these large rocks that bring attention to animal species that (I assume) may be found in the reservation. In addition to birds, on my many treks to this area, I have also encountered a colony of rabbits, the occasional groundhog, frogs, and even a few small snakes.

Even a short brush with nature can be invigorating and the fact that the Reservation exists in an otherwise industrial area truly is a breath of fresh air. If you’re in the Boston area and are looking for a social-distancing-friendly, mini outdoor adventure, do consider pacing through the path along the Alewife Brook Reservation. Additionally, if you are in search of refreshments after your stroll, the Revival Cafe sits right in front of the Reservation and (at the time of this writing) is offering easy pick up and outdoor seating to patrons.

Happy trails!



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