Cash Me Online, How ‘Bout That

Dear Reader,

Allow me to very meekly announce that I am now on the “socials,” namely, Twitter and Instagram (#followme).

I must say that even though I have been Facebooking since 2009, my 10+ years of experience on FB do not translate well into Twitter or Instagram.


At the risk of sounding like a #noob, I sheepishly admit that I could not for the life of me figure out how to post something on Instagram. From my laptop I pressed link after link for #help and #support but I did not see a #post button. I was incredibly flustered by this because I know that there are 12-year-olds out there posting bathroom #selfies from their parents’ house, but I could not find the #post button. After searching the query in a few different ways on Google, I finally learned that you can’t (read: are not supposed to) post Instagram photos from a computer, just from the mobile app…what!?

As someone who enjoys the convenience of a full keyboard and large screen, the fact that the #post feature on Instagram is only available on the phone is unbearable. I kid you not, I almost deleted my entire account for this petty reason. Seriously perplexed by the gauche functionality, I tried to find an answer as to why posting from a laptop to Instagram is verboten. It turns out Instagram blocks its posting feature on the computer as a means of promoting use of the mobile app. Judging by the amount of photos floating around on the platform, I’m guessing that this is an effective strategy — but I still don’t support it 😛


Once upon a time in college, I had a Twitter. Besides tweeting at my #friends who lived no more than five yards away from me in the #dorms, my account received very little action. In fact, to this day, the absolute highlight of my Twitter career was when someone with my exact same name followed me. I followed this person back and everything in the world felt like it was in a temporary harmonious alignment.

Today, back on Twitter, I find myself @-ing celebrities and #-ing buzz words to achieve some sort of #relevance.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure yet whether Instagram or Twitter is for me, but like a good sport, I won’t knock them until I give them a full try. So, in the meantime, Dear Reader, #followme on Twitter @RavenSunset1 for infrequent doses of try-too-hard witticisms and on Instagram at ravensunset19 for more pics!

I wish you all #love and #happiness.


@RavenSunset1 and ravensunset19

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