Zero-Dollar Ideas

Dear Reader,

Do you ever feel like you’ve stumbled upon a million-dollar idea? I do sometimes, but unfortunately, most “million-dollar” ideas are worth zero dollars unless you have the ability to put your plan into action…. Because I have zero ability to put many of my plans into action, I will share my zero-dollar ideas with you all in the hopes that one of you will put it into action, make millions, and give me a tiny fraction of your earnings 😉 😉

Invention 1. Little Lockers

Have you ever planned a city excursion and found that all of your belongings are just too heavy to tote around for the full day? For example, you may have over-prepared and brought an umbrella when there was a 10% chance of rain and you decided to bring both Atlas Shrugged and Cloud Atlas for some heavy reading between appointments. Or, perhaps, you have a 12-hour layover and have nowhere to store your oversized backpack for your short stop in the city. No worries, because you can always store your stuff in a Little Locker for the day! Little Lockers are small locker stations in which you can stow your personal items in a secure “school-sized” locker for a period of no more than 24 hours. To minimize inappropriate use of the lockers (…drug trades, terrorism…), people will need to create an online account that links their locker to their identity. Payment is all done through the Little Locker app! Easy peasy!  

Invention 2. Elevator Unpress Button

Have you ever accidentally pressed a button in an elevator and were taken to another floor before your own? Worse, yet, have you ever been in an elevator and multiple wrong buttons have been pressed? What a waste of time! Perhaps there is an innovation for this! In this revamped elevator design, you can simply “unpress” an elevator button by tapping it twice. So, if you meant to hit “floor 5” but accidentally bumped “floor 3,” you can click “floor 3” once more and then the number is “unpressed” and you will go straight to 5. … This innovation does not already exist, right?? It seems pretty obvious, however, I do not understand the mechanics of elevators, so maybe my proposition is totally impossible.

Invention 3. The E-Stick

Unfortunately, it still seems that some of the best pieces of technology we have available for those with visual disabilities to get around are guide dogs and the classic white cane. Both of these aids allow the individual to get valuable information on the location of physical objects in relation to him/herself. Maybe we can do better… what if there were some sort of “E-Stick” that is connected to the internet and can provide super accurate GPS location information through an earbud. This “E-Stick” would perform all of the functions of a white cane, but could also provide vital data through the earbud that gives the user important information like street names, store names, the distance between two points, super-precise directions, etc.. The user could also ask questions (sort of like an “Ask Siri” function) to request more information to be answered through the earbud of the “E-Stick.”

So, Dear Reader, do you think any of the above has potential? If so, contact me and we’ll start a business 😉



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