Better Weather

Dear Reader,

Something unimaginable happened a few days ago when I was sitting outside on the porch — I was kind of cold. Okay, so being cold outside is not the most inconceivable thing, however, it is August.

These past few weeks in Boston the temperature has hovered consistently above 90 degrees. Although I loathe the heat with an inappropriately fiery passion, I hate being cooped up at home more and will take short walks in the shade even when one could doubtless fry an egg on a metal grate. The heat and humidity are suffocating and make me sweat profusely. I understand that sweat cools off your body and saves you from overheating. However, I also wish that my body understood that sometimes the excessive perspiration is just not working, and it should rather stop the needless waste of water and electrolytes unless it literally wishes to drop dead.

When I looked at the weather this morning and saw that the heat of the day would only peak at 83 degrees — I felt like the possibilities for outdoor activities were endless! I ended up going shopping at a location a full 30-min walk from home. Compared to my short, sticky 90-degree paces, trekking in 83-degree weather was a cake walk.

Naturally, the long(ish) walk did make me hot, but I cooled down quickly at home. Because the weather was nice, I decided to sit outside in the shade and do some work. Once everything was set up, however, I was surprised to realize that my feet were cold and the breeze — my relentless desire on other days — was making things worse. I quite frankly could not believe it. Some days I will sweat through my clothes and suck on ice for relief just because I would rather endure 93-degree heat over staying indoors. However, never did I think that 83 degrees would be too cool to sit outside. To my surprise, I found myself digging out the yoga pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and slippers. With these new layers, things felt comfortable! (Also, I may just be delusion and succumbing to some heat-related ailment…).

This incident reminded me of a friend in college who would wear jeans even when it was — to my mind — unbearably hot and humid. I was never sure whether this choice was done for outward appearance or for comfortability. She spent much of her life living in tropical climes, where our hottest days were probably closer to average for her. If I find 83 degrees to be cool after just a few weeks of 90+ degree weather, I imagine that her comfortably in the heat and humidity after many years must now be near hardwired.

Boston only has a few warm months and we are now entering the serotinal period (more here), which means that the end of the hottest days is near and soon we will be moving into the autumnal season. I do not actually believe that 83 degrees is cool weather — this is Boston and we’ve ain’t seen nothing yet.

And a PSA: don’t forget to wear sunscreen! (and reapply after a few hours!!)



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