The Sky is Gray

Dear Reader,

What do you call gray skies and windy weather? — A beautiful day in Boston!

It is the middle of August, but the Boston air temporarily has an autumnal tinge to it. It is 70 degrees and a —somewhat depressing— shade of gray outside. I am not the biggest fan of harmful UV rays, but I prefer blue skies to this monotonous sheet of gloom. For this reason, I decided to take a walk today for the sole purpose of capturing all of the colors of the rainbow (and then some).

Red. Bricks

Orangey Pink (Pinky orange?). What color is this even?? I feel like my eyes are broken. I swear this color is not on the color wheel!

But actually, where do these flags fit on the color wheel?? My mind is numb.

Yellow. Do not cross

Green. Plant that looks like a virus.

Blue. USPS Mail Collection Box

Purple. Flowers

Brown. Wood

Tan. Dead grass

Perhaps, a few gray days are necessary to help us appreciate sunny skies…. Or, at least, that is my cup half full (of sugar water and sparkles) way of thinking about it.



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