[Review] The One

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Have you ever had the (dis-)pleasure of swiping left and right through Tinder? Dating apps — what a revolution! Even after cutting out your friends, the matchmaker, and loads of opportunities for chance encounters, dating online can still be a chore. But what if we had a better dating app? And, I’m not talking about Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, or even OK Cupid. What if there were an app that got it absolutely perfect the very first time?

The perfect “dating” app (there’s no “dating” involved when you are matched with “the one”) is the premise for the sci-fi, psychological thriller The One by John Marrs. I’m not a fan of sci-fi. In general, it may be my very least favorite literary genre, but The One is certainly an exception!

Without giving away any spoilers, The One is set in our world with one small change. A scientist discovers the gene in our DNA that holds the key to our perfect match, other half, media naranja, one and only, soulmate, whatever you choose to call it. With this breakthrough, the scientist starts a company to release a dating app. Once you pay your fee, you give a sample of your DNA and the company will extract it and determine whether you have a match. With over a billion people signed up, many find that they do have matches. Around 92% of people who get matched experience the love-at-first-sight moment. The statistics show that these matches are overall happier in their life’s satisfaction and divorce rates are going down. How nice, right?

Of course, things are not always as good as they seem. The Match Your DNA app is perhaps too enticing. Do you even have to try to be romantic when you are matched with the one? Should you bring your date flowers and offer to pay for dinner or just skip to the happily-ever-after part? Would you break up with your current romantic partner if you discovered they weren’t your other half? How many partnerships, unions, and families are torn apart in order to pursue the one?

The book follows five different people and their experiences with the Match Your DNA app. With nothing in common but the app, the reader is taken down the rabbit hole of “what ifs” when it comes to meeting the one.

This is book is simply thrilling and, to be honest, much darker than I expected (although should have divined considering that the cover is filled with bloody darts). If you enjoy psychological thrillers and suspense novels, you should seriously consider reading The One. Also, at the time of this writing, Netflix has plans to release the title as an original series — so read it before it airs!!

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