Nothing to See Here

Dear Reader,

One of the best feelings in the world is the exhilaration of being alive and present in a beautiful moment. Cameras can help us capture these moments and photographs allow us to preserve them indefinitely. I have many such moments stored right at my hip in my trusty iPhone. In fact, I have thousands and thousands of moments saved there. Even though these pictures span several years, a handful of countries, and many unique moments — honestly, several of these photos are completely worthless.

I noticed this when I was scrolling through my pictures, trying to find something specific from 2012. While some photos sparked forgotten memories, others simply provoked questions with the central theme — why haven’t I deleted this yet? Pictures of empty sidewalks, vending machines, and even trash cans have been retained for very many years in the depths of my iPhone unperturbed. I guess this just goes to show that I don’t look at my photos as much as I think I do. As I was in the process of deleting these photos of nothing, I decided to cut down on digital waste (lol), by recycling these photos for a new purpose….

In honor of these misfit photos, I have decided to dedicate this post to showcasing the odd sights and angles that I have “treasured” over the years. Specifically, take a trip around the world and see all the things, people have not bothered to capture via camera.

Bon voyage, dear Reader…

Chickens pecking at garbage, somewhere in Hawaii
Tree, Cape May, New Jersey
Children’s slide at the zoo, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
McDonald’s, Orlando, Florida (or the surrounding area…)
Shopping mall, Cleveland, Ohio
Subway station, New York City, New York
Federal Triangle Station metro sign, Washington D.C.
Restaurant, somewhere in Wisconsin
Restaurant, Cancún, Mexico
Hostel window, Beijing, China
Boat museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rooftop, Colonia, Uruguay
Library, Cambridge, England, UK
Marathon runners, Reykjavík, Iceland
Column, metro station, Moscow, Russia
A glitch in the matrix, Glasgow, Scotland, UK



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