[Review] The Girl in the Mirror

Dear Reader,

What fun is it to keep a story all to yourself? Every once in a while, a story leaves me with my jaw agape, frantically, re-reading the last lines in disbelief. Whenever, this happens, I know that I have to share this book with whomever will listen.

I have been in a reading slump lately. Because I complete multiple books a week, at times, it can be hard to find something that is both interesting and immediately available to me. During this particular search, I scrolled all the way through page 20 of my online audiobook catalogue to find a curious little book titled “The Girl in the Mirror” by an Australian author, Rose Carlyle.

It’s a shame that this book is not yet popular in the U.S., because it is just as twisty and engaging as the works of Shari Lapena and Liv Constantine. Without spoilers, the book revolves around two beautiful twin sisters Summer and Iris. The two grew up on the coast and have developed a love for sailing and travel from a young age, making yearly trips to Thailand as children. Unlike “normal” identical twins, Summer and Iris are mirrors of each other inside and out, with Iris’s heart even located on the right side of her body. Although not even the girls’ family can tell the two apart, on the inside they are totally different women.

The story follows Iris, the “lesser” of the two twins (or at least in her own mind). Iris struggles financially and emotionally, while her sister Summer, apparently, lives the perfect life with her Seychellois husband and adopted son. When Iris is down on her luck, she receives an interesting proposal from her sister — help sail their old family yacht (the Bathsheba) from its current port in Thailand back home in Australia.

This book is thrilling for many reasons. The locations, which takes place in a few different countries, as well as at sea, are intriguing. The book is filled with interesting characters and back stories. Also, there are twists and turns that make the novel suspenseful and exciting.

Overall, if you like psychological thrillers, do check out “The Girl in the Mirror.” The book will keep you guessing until the absolute final page.



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