Vermont’s Itty-Bitty Capital

Dear Reader,

If you’re a fan of road trips, then you have probably already asked yourself on more than one occasion whether a particular spot is “worth the visit.” In my experience when a location is intriguing but there isn’t too much to do, then making a long rest stop can be just the right compromise.

Wanting to make the most of our rental car on our trip to Burlington (more here & here), my boyfriend and I decided to make a spontaneous stop in Montpelier on our way back to Boston. Montpelier, Vermont, the U.S.‘s least populated state capital, is a small city of just under 7,500, nested in the mountains.

The city center has an old-town vibe with kind of a southern charm about it (surprisingly enough!). For example, the stores are a red brick colonial style and the Vermont History Museum boasts classic white columns reminiscent of antebellum plantation style architecture.

Walking up and down the main street is quick and easy. One point of interest includes the Vermont State House with its smooth white stone and large gold dome. Although we didn’t stop by the Vermont Historical Society Museum, with tickets being only $7, it’s probably worth a quick visit.

To refuel, I highly recommend “The Skinny Pancake”, which is a Vermont Creperie. Aside from the sweet, savory, and scrumptious selection of crepes, the location also offers you the breakfast classics as well as a fine selection of coffee.

Finally, for more practical matters, this town also has all the essentials, including a large grocery store, gas station, post office, etc., but also boutique style shops for books, clothing, and trinkets.

Overall, Montpelier was a nice stop along the way. For me, a day here would have been hard to fill, however, as a location for a scenic walk and late breakfast, Montpelier was refreshing.

Happy travels!



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