Keeping Beauty, New England

Dear Reader,

Photos capture memories.

Once when I was studying abroad, a friend of mine said “let’s not take a picture, let’s just live in the moment.” Maybe he was just annoyed with all the camera clicking or maybe he really thought a moment not documented was richer —I’m not sure, however, I did not appreciate the request to not preserve the moment.

As a blogger, I like the idea of holding onto the temporal spaces filled with beauty, good feelings, or just memorable little bits of life. At the end of the day, these notes, photos, videos, blog post, mementos, etc. can help transport us back to times we can never revisit. While my method of choice to preserve my memories is through words, today, I want to share a few pictures of an area near and dear to my heart — New England. So, without further ado, I present you a few photos of this northeast corner that holds an abundance of my own special moments.

Boston, MA

Burlington, VT

(Burlington content here & here)

Camden, ME

(Camden content here)

Falmouth, MA

(Falmouth content here)

Gloucester, MA

(Gloucester content here)

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

(Martha’s Vineyard content here & here)

Newport, RI

(Newport content here)

Portland, ME

Portsmouth, NH

(Portsmouth content here)

Salem, MA

Peabody Essex Museum
(Salem content here & here)

I wish you all the best beautiful little moments.



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  1. These are also some of my favorite places! I grew up on the Northshore of Massachusetts and spent a lot of time in Boston and Salem. Now live up in Vermont. About 1.5 hours away from Burlington. But everything in Vermont is 1.5 hours away from everything else.

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