A Morning Creature Once More

Dear Reader,

There is something magical about the early morning. In Spanish there is a curious word that describes the period of darkness in the wee hours before sunrise. This word “madrugada” does not have an exact English translation but means “early morning.”

Back in 2019, I wrote a similar post about the perks of being a morning creature (more here). However, when the pandemic hit in spring 2020, my morning-creature tendencies seemed to fall to the wayside as I began waking up hours later on average. Waking up at the crack of dawn with nowhere to go during the quarantines just made the days stretch out too long. My larkish schedule served no purpose and time marched forward, tinged with tedium as the apartment walls became my castle and prison for 20+ hours a day.

Plymouth, MA

Flash forward to fall 2021 and I am back up and at ‘em— places to go, people to see, and what not. Even though things have not gone back to normal “normal” (far from it!), my days are colored again with a multitude people, places, and things that keep life interesting and unexpected.

Because I am of the eager sort, the lessening of social-distancing policies ignited within me the desire to just “do.” I’ve taken trips (more here), participated in research studies (for $$), and even developed an acting hobby (more here). With much to do (not to mention the schoolwork and work work that continues), I’m finding it more necessary to start my days earlier.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

I used to scroll past the fitness classes that started at 7:30am (umm, that hour is for sleeping —obvi), but now… on some days it’s the only hour that works! Luckily, the more I participate in early morning activities, the more interested I become in them. For acting jobs I’ve found myself ordering taxis at 5am to make the early call times (I even have a preferred taxi company and have their number logged in my contacts list—what year is it!?). Similarly, this past month I have participated in not one, but two New Hampshire hikes that meant setting my alarm for 4:30am (yikes!).

I’m not going to lie and say that I enjoy waking up at 4:30am (I. Do. Not.), however, I must say, 6:30am now feels a bit like sleeping in.

North End, Boston

There are so many beautiful things to enjoy in the madrugada. There are very few cars on the road. I don’t know if this is 100% factually correct, but it seems to me that it is significantly less windy in the mornings here in Boston, which is great because the air is cold again. Also, there is, of course, the beauty of the first shimmering light of the rising sun.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

In short, there is so much more of the day available to those that start early, which is an alluring concept. Carpe diem, I suppose!

Wishing you beautiful mornings and lovely days.



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