A Girl’s Day

Dear Reader,

I’ve never been a girly-girl, but due to a confluence of circumstances, I became one for a day. I’m sure we’ve all read and seen the books and movies where the rich female character occupies herself with shopping trips and pampering. I’m not a wealthy woman and my day of shopping and beauty appointments was (practically) a matter of necessity and, naturally, turned out to be a low-budget adventure.


One day on Facebook, I stumbled upon an advertisement for a discounted facial treatment. Specifically, the deal included a free skin consultation, then, $50 off a facial when the treatment is booked the same day, and a free moisturizer to boot. Although I had only signed up for a facial, I was instructed to remove my top and put on a towel— it turns out that a neck and shoulder rub was included in the treatment. My skin was cleansed, moisturized, and pimples were diligently… taken care of. I, unfortunately, have sensitive skin and my flesh was on fire (only figuratively and briefly) during the treatment. About 24 hours later though, I had a full-blown rash that is very slowly getting better (ugh). At least the less sensitive parts of my face feel smooth and refreshed…. But, maybe, I’ll pass on the facials from now on.


This was my first professional manicure that I have ever received and it was nothing fancy. From a menu of options including French tips, gel dips, and artistic designs, I selected the plain ol’ “classic manicure,” which is one color on all ten nails. Frankly, I despise having paint on my nails. However, I got my first makeup modeling job and the production coordinator messaged us on Slack that we should “get a manicure before the shoot, light pink or beige tones, add $30 to your invoice.” I’m sure so many others would delight at the perk, but, ugh, my femininity is just not up to par. The salon was nothing fancy and it smelled (nay— reeked) of nail polish. The technician put on a base coat, two layers of the color, and then top coat (so much paint). Even though I look forward to the day when all ten of my nails return to their natural-born hue, I must admit that every time that I do anything that involves my hands, I feel like a hand model.


What’s a day of pampering without shopping? Okay, so this was no shopping spree, rather I was in a rush to buy the neutral tone garments that the makeup shoot required (as I owned none of the pieces). Mentally, I calculated that Primark would be my best shopping option, as its selection includes the current fashions and the prices are suspiciously cheap. I ended up getting four pieces for under $40 and at the end of the day, production only used one of them (c’est la vie).

Fitness Class

Going to barre classes is my current obsession (more here), so attending one on this day was no big to-do. However, when the earlier part of my day consisted of facials, manicures, and shopping, attending a fitness class naturally fits into the leisure genre of daily activities.

All in all, today didn’t even feel like a vacation. Being high maintenance is a lot of work! Okay, I jest (a little)— it certainly is not intensive-back-breaking labor, however, it really does make for a full day’s schedule of appointments. Most everything that I “accomplished” on this day was in service to my first ever makeup modeling shoot (which went well by the way), so it’s not like I will make (or even can afford to make) this lifestyle the new norm. Regardless, it was a fun day and an interesting break from routine… and as I type this, my nails are still going strong. 😊

Treat yo’self,



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  1. Whoa, as a super tomboy, this day sounds like a nightmare to me…I didn’t paint my nails for like 7 years or something until like a month ago I was at my bestie’s house and I tried to paint them black and they looked horrible. I took it off and my bestie’s little sis did them again and they looked great lol. But the feeling of paint on my nails is ulch, I agree with you on that. Congrats on surviving this day lol


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