An Ode to Coffee

Dear Reader,

Today, I learned what an “ode” is. Simply put, it’s a poem glorifying a person, place or thing. Unlike limericks, haikus, and other rigorously constructed verse, odes can be more free form — rhyming or not, structured or not, etc..

Because I was facing writer’s block with another project, I have distracted myself by writing an ode to you about what I (half-jokingly) love most in this world — coffee.

An ode to coffee

I toss and turn until the morning hour

My head it aches, and my breath is sour

My brain does not want to wake up and what for?

A day of fatigue, brain fog, and much more?

What is this feeling? Am I going insane?

I know my body, its strength, and its pain

I must come to grips with what I know is true

Addicted to coffee? Yes, I love you.

With new focus I drop my feet to the floor

Right foot, then left foot, then right foot once more

I open the drawer, my heart sings in delight

A bag of fresh beans! Dear god, what a sight!

I tear the bag open, and breathe you right in

My heart thumps, you brew, it tickles my skin

How can I best profess the love that I feel?

You’re an elixir, a drug, strength; I’ll heal.

But words aren’t enough to express my pure joy

There are rhythms, beats, and rhymes to employ

Oh coffee, my savior, I give now to you

An ode, some praise, and the highest of dues.

You’re wondrous and scrumptious, a beverage of gods

I don’t deserve you, I win by all odds

I’m drinking and thinking— why must this cup end?

Until tomorrow, my true and best friend.


What do you find ode-worthy, dear Reader?



6 thoughts on “An Ode to Coffee

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  1. This is why I don’t drink coffee. I’m already such a jittery, high energy person that literally one half of a small iced coffee I go into HYPER HYPER mode. This made me laugh tho lol

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