What’s a Picklesburgh?

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Every city has its quirks and Pittsburgh is no exception. Like many big cities, the western-Pennsylvania destination has a number of big annual events, including pride parades, marathons, and an abundance of concerts. One summer event that is unique to Pittsburgh, however, is Picklesburgh.

What is Picklesburgh?

Started in 2015, Picklesburgh is an annual festival that takes place across one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges and along the waterfront area. Vendors set up tents and you can purchase your favorite (as well as many bizarre) pickle products, including fried pickles, picklebacks, pickle beer, pickle chips, pickle popcorn, pickle fudge, and oh so much more…. There are also activities for kids including coloring and fun photo opportunities. There is live music, games, and lots to see!

Pittsburgh, PA

When is Picklesburgh?

The dates change, but usually Picklesburgh runs for three days in July in the afternoon/ evening.

Why pickles?

I’m glad you asked. Pittsburgh is known for a lot of things — historically, for its large steel industry (their football team is the Steelers after all), Heinz ketchup, and bridges (sitting on three rivers, the city has a lot of them). However, Pittsburgh isn’t really known for pickles (yet). Heinz makes pickle products and there are Pittsburgh pickle brands, but Pittsburgh is not the producer of pickles in the U.S.. According to a Washington Post article, like many things, Picklesburgh came about as a marketing stunt by the Heinz corporation to debut new pickle flavors. Looks like it was super successful!

But I don’t like pickles…

Fear not! There are very many non-pickle treats to try at Picklesburgh. I ended up getting cotton candy flavored, nitrogen ice cream (pickle free), which was awesome. There is plenty of fried foods and pastries to satisfy you even if you’re not a fan of pickles… but you should probably steer clear of the festival if you can’t even stand a whiff of pickles.

Pickle-free ice cream

Other logistics

  • Admission is free!
  • You need to secure a 21+ wristband to purchase alcoholic beverages (free of charge)
  • Paid parking is available nearby
  • Some vendors only accept cash — there are ATMs available
  • The restroom situation is Port-A-Johns
  • Festivities happen rain or shine

Now you know!



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