Happy May Day!

Dear Reader, We have reached a symbolic end as we flip the calendar from April to May. How many days have you been on lockdown now? For me, I have been at home for just under 8 weeks! Yet, today is our lucky day, because we have something beautiful to celebrate on May 1st. Have... Continue Reading →

Fast, Hot, Dark, Deadly

Dear Reader There comes a time during every pandemic when one resorts to the most mundane pursuits in search of even mild entertainment. For me, that time came today when I walked up and down the halls counting the fire extinguishers. How much do you know about fire safety, Dear Reader? If you’re like me,... Continue Reading →


Dear Reader, Do you know Salvador Dalí’s famous painting “The Persistence of Memory” with all of the melting clocks? The coronavirus pandemic, much like the artistic masterpiece is surrealist in nature. Surrealism was a 20th century movement in which writers and artists used their work to bring a keen eye to the subconscious and non-rationality... Continue Reading →

Nutritious, Delicious Carrot Cake

Dear Reader, Can cake ever really be healthy? In my search for carrot cake recipes, I stumbled upon quite a few sites that claimed to offer healthy versions. I usually prefer to make sweet breads rather than cakes, because they seem (if only slightly) ‘healthier.’ Today, I wanted to bake something with the carrots in... Continue Reading →

The Great Indoors!

Dear Reader, How long have you been enduring the ‘new normal?’ Just over five weeks ago, Governor Charlie Baker issued an emergency order requiring all non-essential businesses and organizations in Massachusetts to close their physical facilities to employees, customers and the public. One week later, Gov. Baker extended the state's stay-at-home advisory and required all... Continue Reading →

One Wheel at a Time

Dear Reader, When you are a beginner, it is natural to believe that the struggles you face are normal and that you will get better with practice. This is how I approached riding a bike again as an adult. I know how to ride bicycle (does one ever really forget 😉 ), but I am... Continue Reading →

A Case for Orange Bread

Dear Reader, Once upon a time there were two sisters. Each wanted the last orange. They fought and fought until they finally decided to slice the orange in half. One sister peeled her half, ate the fruit, and threw the peel in the garbage bin. The other sister promptly discarded the fruit and used the... Continue Reading →

Did you hear about Georgia?

Dear Reader, How are you doing in the midst of the pandemic? This is just a friendly check in. My sense from the news (simply put) is that people are becoming more restless and desperate, which is causing tension especially in politics. At the time of this writing, the Georgia Governor has sanctioned businesses such... Continue Reading →

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