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I Gained 10 Pounds and Didn’t Notice

Dear Reader, Okay, I’m not 100% positive about how much weight I gained over the summer but it’s in the realm of 6 – 10 lbs, but for the sake of catchy titles, we’re going with 10. Also, no, I’m not going to show you before and after photos (not sorry). Anyway, here’s the story.... Continue Reading →

I Was Gaslit: A Conspiracy Theory

Dear Reader, I thought my phone was stolen until the suspected thief tried to convince me otherwise. Please see my last post (here) for the full story about how my iPhone was lifted and then returned to me. Although my story has a happy ending, the incident brought me a lot of stress and, to... Continue Reading →

I Heard What You Said at Starbucks

Dear Reader, “Guys, if you all want to leave, you can, I won’t complain. I’ll still be here.” This is the outburst that snapped me out of my audiobook (Jennette McCurdy’s “I’m Glad My Mom Died” by the way) and turned my attention toward the employees behind the café counter. I’m sitting in a Boston-area... Continue Reading →

Seriously Funny Reads

Dear Reader, Literature, as a medium for comedy, is sorely underrated. I have so often heard people lament, “ugh, I should read more…”. Well, if that’s the way that you feel, I would highly recommend that you start with comedy — they’re real page-turners! Here are a few of my more recent recommendations: “Meaty” and... Continue Reading →

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