A Peek into the Dollhouse

Dear Reader, Do you know those big, antique dollhouses that you can open in half and peer into all rooms? These dollhouses allow you to see every tiny detail within the interior and see how the spaces connect and relate to each other. There is a style of movie that I enjoy that reminds me... Continue Reading →

Beautiful, Complex, and Fragile

Dear Reader, How much can you ever really help someone change? In my early adult years, I was close to a few people who suffer from anxiety and depression. They are all on medication that help their symptoms to some extent, however, the root of the problem—whatever is causing the anxiety and depression—remains. Can we... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Threshold

Dear Reader, Picture this. You are at home trying to complete some sort of task in the living room, however, you remember you left an important item in your bedroom needed to complete the task. You walk from your living room into your bed room. However, once you step into your bedroom and look around,... Continue Reading →

To Money and Health

Dear Reader, How do you view your life ahead of you? Do you see your future as definite or do you view it more vaguely? I tend to see my future in nebulous chunks. Currently, I am in the experimenting-with-jobs / figuring-things-out chunk. In this part of my life, I feel like I am living... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Word?

Dear Reader, Needless to say, you are reading this right now. This probably also implies that you understand words to be more significant than typed letters on a page. I was thinking about writing recently and thought about how powerful it can be. A few words one day on J.K. Rowling’s laptop years later turned... Continue Reading →

Sing a Song for Sanity

Dear Reader, Do you ever just feel... crazy? By this I mean, that you feel totally unlike yourself. One example of this could be if you were sleep deprived and you started seeing things or hearing things, or just forgetting really basic things. Another example, could be feeling really stressed and taking unnecessary risks. Things... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Falling Snow

Dear Reader, They say that it’s quieter when it snows. This is because snow absorbs sound. Have you ever been alone in the falling snow? This morning I walked to work before sunrise through a winter wonderland. It is so peaceful to see snow silently falling into a prestine white sheet. Untouched snow is so... Continue Reading →

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