Where do we go from here?

Dear Reader, We are at a point in this pandemic when things simultaneously seem to be getting better and worse. By late-May, most American states will have begun to re-open their economies by at least a tiny degree, yet virus forecasting for the next several months does not promise smooth sailing. At this juncture, it... Continue Reading →

Have you tried the scones?

Dear Reader, Are you a fan of scones? If you are an American, you may be picturing the sweet, triangular baked goods that are often served at Starbucks or other cafes. If you are British, you may be envisioning a round, slightly-less sweet treat. Because I was running low on eggs (due to the pandemic),... Continue Reading →

Itty Bitty Accomplishments

Dear Reader, Stairs and ramps are fundamentally different. If you are traveling up an impossibly high ramp, then progress can seem slow and tedious, however, if you are traveling up a staircase you can clearly see each step as a small accomplishment. This is not the perfect metaphor for ways to view progress, but it... Continue Reading →

Masks in the Making

Dear Reader, Although the initial shock and panic that the coronavirus pandemic has brought is well behind us, social distancing and other policies are chugging along full speed ahead. The Massachusetts governor ordered everyone over the age of 2 to wear face masks in all public spaces (including outdoors) if they are unable to maintain... Continue Reading →

Beware of Burnout

Dear Reader, Are you or a loved one suffering from burnout? Yes, this opening was deliberately intended to sound like a commercial for some hard-to-pronounce drug. Jokes aside, burnout is an important issue that a simple pill cannot solve. In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized ‘burnout’ as an ‘occupational phenomenon.’ In a Gallup... Continue Reading →

The Coffee Diaries

Dear Reader, How old were you when you had your first cup of coffee? Did you sip for practical reasons, curiosity, or maybe just because all of your friends were doing it? Do you even remember such a trivial detail? Believe it or not I only had my first cup of coffee a few days... Continue Reading →

Nature Calls

Dear Reader, Are you still able to make it outside during these uncertain times? If you are, how much of that outdoor time do you spend in nature? A new study has found that living close to nature and spending time outside has significant and wide-ranging health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain diseases.... Continue Reading →

Happy May Day!

Dear Reader, We have reached a symbolic end as we flip the calendar from April to May. How many days have you been on lockdown now? For me, I have been at home for just under 8 weeks! Yet, today is our lucky day, because we have something beautiful to celebrate on May 1st. Have... Continue Reading →

Fast, Hot, Dark, Deadly

Dear Reader There comes a time during every pandemic when one resorts to the most mundane pursuits in search of even mild entertainment. For me, that time came today when I walked up and down the halls counting the fire extinguishers. How much do you know about fire safety, Dear Reader? If you’re like me,... Continue Reading →

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