[Review] Sex Object

Dear Reader, It’s not too much of an exaggeration to assume that every adult woman (at least in the U.S.) has experienced at least some degree of sexual harassment (which ranges from actual assault, unwanted pressure for sexual favors to unwanted physical contact or verbal pressure) in her lifetime. The subject of sexual harassment is... Continue Reading →

[Review] Don’t Worry It Gets Worse

Dear Reader, It seems that millennials much more than older generations have problems with “adulting.” It is as if this generation is more likely to move back in with their parents after graduating from college, more likely to work multiple part-time jobs, more likely to rely on parents for support (if they have such privilege),... Continue Reading →

[Review] How To Murder Your Life

We all know that drugs are bad, however, unless we ourselves have struggled with addiction or have seen what addiction looks like up close, it can be hard to truly understand just how dangerous these temptations really are. I recently finished reading How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir by Cat Marnell and although the... Continue Reading →

[Review] Heartburn

Dear Reader, Sometimes, when you are feeling down, a nice pick-me-up like an ice cream Sunday or glass of wine can be oh-so satisfying. While I, at times, partake in these little indulgences, I also very much enjoy listening to comedic audiobooks for some much-needed amusement. Lately, I have been listening to books that deal... Continue Reading →

[Review] White Like Her

Dear Reader, The funny thing about race is that it was never intended to be a subject of debate or question, rather an obvious identifier of “who you are.” If you look 'white,' people assume you are white; if you look 'black,' people assume you are black. Race, however, as we all know, is not... Continue Reading →

[Review] Negroland

Dear Reader, I recently finished reading the book Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup (review here), which documents the author’s unfortunate and tragic imprisonment as a slave in Louisiana from 1841 – 1853. Wanting to hear more about the role of race in America, I decided to read Negroland by Margo Jefferson, which tells... Continue Reading →

[Review] Twelve Years A Slave

Dear Reader, Is it better to have liberty that is lost than to never have been free at all? This is a horrible question and one that should never have to be asked, however, I ponder it all the same as I finish reading Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup. What a sad story,... Continue Reading →

[Review] You’ll Grow Out of It

Dear Reader, The funny thing about memoirs is that unlike with fiction, the protagonist is a real person who you can Google and find out more about. I enjoy learning about the author whose memoir I read, but one thing I will not do is Google a picture of the author until I have completed... Continue Reading →

[Review] Indecent

Dear Reader, Why do we read fiction? Unlike an algebra textbook or a cookbook, our motivations for reading something that is totally ‘make believe’ is unclear. Of course, there are obvious answers to my question – we read ‘for fun’ or simply because we want to ‘know what happens.’ Lately, I have been reading memoirs,... Continue Reading →

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