[Review] Educated

Dear Reader, In August 1992, a brutal 11-day FBI siege on a private family home near Naples, Idaho, leaving 3 dead and two wounded, shocked the country. This incident, now known as Ruby Ridge, resulted from a failed ambush that was intended to facilitate the arrest of Randy Weaver for a variety of offenses including... Continue Reading →

It’s Easy Being Green

Dear Reader, According to GreenMatters.com, the coronavirus pandemic has inspired 64% of Americans to live more sustainably. Have you seen yet the pictures of the bright blue skies over some of the world’s most polluted and densely populated cities like New Delhi, Katmandu, and even Paris? While these results were born from unhappy circumstance, I... Continue Reading →

Souls in Search

Dear Reader, Currently, I am reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and I am surprised by how much I enjoy it. Usually, I will post about a book only after I have read it, but there is a passage in the book that I found so interesting that I have decided to... Continue Reading →

One Way or the Other

Dear Reader, Perspective is everything. Currently, I am reading the memoir Educated by Tara Westover, about a woman who grew up on a farm in Idaho without a formal education. Tara’s family members are devout Mormons whose patriarch believes that the government is run by the Illuminati and that any reliance on the establishment, even... Continue Reading →

[Review] The Rules Do Not Apply

Dear Reader, I am convinced that Americans (and more specifically Hollywood) invented the concept of a happy ending. I have studied both Russian and German and each language uses the English phrase “happy end” to describe a story or a movie that ends happily – as if ending well is a foreign concept. I recently... Continue Reading →

[Review] My Friend Anna

Dear Reader, It is deeply unsettling to learn that the person that you have come to know and call a friend is nothing more than an illusion. When Rachel DeLoache Williams went on what she thought was an all-expenses-paid vacation with her friends, Anna, Casey, and Jesse, to Morocco, she did not expect that this... Continue Reading →

The Grass is Greener in New Zealand

Dear Reader, How bad is this coronavirus pandemic? Well, it depends on who you are asking. Through news stories and acquaintances, it has become clear to me that the pandemic is not an all-consuming issue in all parts. Where I am stationed in Massachusetts, we are still under a stay-at-home advisory and are feeling isolated... Continue Reading →

[Review] Primates of Park Avenue

Dear Reader, In stark contrast to the last book that I read Maid (review here), I recently finished Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir by Wednesday Martin, which exposes the “mommy culture” of the wealthy residents of the Upper East Side in Manhattan. The title is in reference to the author’s background in anthropology and... Continue Reading →

[Review] Into the Wild

Dear, Reader It is often the case that after death the deceased is held in higher regard than he was while living. Yet rarely is anyone upraised to the status of legend. This, however, is how many view the wise-beyond-his-years and gone-before-his-time Chris McCandless. Maybe we are captivated by him for his unshakable resolve, propensity... Continue Reading →

Sad Little Loaves

Dear Reader, I have come to the point in this pandemic when I seem to be baking for the sake of baking rather than baking because I actually want to bake or am craving something sweet. For example, this past week, I made two types of pumpkin bread and have barely eaten either. The first... Continue Reading →

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