Lost in Translation

Dear Reader, A trip to the emergency room can be scary enough under normal conditions, so imagine what it is like when you and your doctor do not speak the same language. Luckily, I did not have a medical emergency, however, as someone who loves languages, I wanted to point out an oddity about a... Continue Reading →

Happy Ending, Sad Ending

Dear Reader, They say that the difference between Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies is that comedies end in a marriage and a tragedies end in death. While I am not a bardolator, I have a similar view about certain memoirs. I have fallen down a very niche literary rabbit hole. I am currently reading memoirs that... Continue Reading →

It Hurts So Good

Dear Reader, Today, for the first time in my life, I got a professional massage. While I have always kind of wanted a massage, my cheap nature usually got in the way and compelled me to forgo this luxury. However, because I was experiencing some muscle soreness, I finally decided to book a massage… you... Continue Reading →

Zero-Dollar Ideas

Dear Reader, Do you ever feel like you’ve stumbled upon a million-dollar idea? I do sometimes, but unfortunately, most “million-dollar” ideas are worth zero dollars unless you have the ability to put your plan into action…. Because I have zero ability to put many of my plans into action, I will share my zero-dollar ideas... Continue Reading →

I Regret (Almost) Nothing

Dear Reader, Do you know the famous French song “Non, je ne regrette rien” ("No, I do not regret anything") made famous by singer Édith Piaf? If you don’t, take a listen here, I’ll wait…. I first encountered this song years ago when I was studying French. I thought the song was pretty, but I... Continue Reading →

[Review] Humble Pi

Dear Reader, Are phone numbers numbers? This question and many more are answered in the book Humble Pi: A Comedy of Maths Errors by Matt Parker. Can a book all about numbers really be a comedy? I too was skeptical, but I assure you that the answer is a big, fat YES! Australian Matt Parker... Continue Reading →

What is that!?!

Dear Reader, Dear god, I stumbled upon a most horrific sight this morning. I admit that I have a rather curious habit of taking walks in a nearby parking garage. Unlike the surrounding area, the parking garage is protected from the harsh summer sun, torrential rain, but also from fellow passersby. For this reason, the... Continue Reading →

Not Normal, Not Close

Dear Reader, We have now entered the “new normal” era of the pandemic, but how long will it last? Recently, I ventured out to a restaurant outside of Boston in Arlington called Menotomy (fun fact, the town of Arlington was known as “Menotomy” until 1867). To follow the pandemic health guidelines, we chose outdoor seating.... Continue Reading →

Joker—trickster—big fool, go!

Dear Reader, Doesn’t it sometimes seem that older books use more advanced language than our novels of today? For example, take this line from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: I felt a drop or two of blood from my head trickle down my neck, and was sensible of somewhat pungent suffering: these sensations for the... Continue Reading →

Oooooh Baaaaby

Dear Reader, Does the pitch of your voice change when talking to animals or tiny, immature humans? This phenomenon, otherwise known as “baby talk,” is curious in that many of us engage in it, but don't really know why. A few days ago, I was sitting outside in a public area doing some work on... Continue Reading →

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