Bring Your Own Mat

Dear Reader, Beer and yoga is a surprisingly common pairing. I learned this when I decided to dive into one of my 2020 New Year’s resolutions and ‘do more yoga.’ Around Boston, yoga studio membership costs about $150 a month; this is excluding new member/ student specials. If I aimed to make trips to the... Continue Reading →

It’s Takes Money, Honey

Dear Reader, “You don’t have to skip the lattes to save money for the future.” That is the opening line to a New York Times article on personal finance that I recently read. I find personal finance to be a fascinating subject. Perhaps, this owes in part to the fact that personal finance is not... Continue Reading →

Death is Number Two

Dear Reader, Jerry Seinfeld famously said, “According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two.” As a work opportunity, I participated in a two-part ‘introduction into presentation’ skills course. On day one, eleven employees were in attendance. When we were asked if public speaking was our worst fear, a... Continue Reading →

Total Disruption

Dear Reader, Where will you be four months from now? A month ago, I would have been excited to talk about my potential summer travel, however, today, I hesitate to plan for anything more then a few weeks in advance. One of the unfortunate side effects of the coronavirus is the uncertainty. If the virus... Continue Reading →

In the Shadow of Fear

Dear Reader, How has your life been affected by the coronavirus. At the time of this writing, about 50 countries have reported coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and the  death toll is near 5,000. In Boston, we are lucky enough to be virus free (for the time being), yet life as we know it is slowing being... Continue Reading →

Indoor, Outdoor Spaces

Dear Reader, Humans are both indoor and outdoor creatures. We have simultaneously erected megacities while protecting forests and swamplands from manmade development. Some of us assuage our craving for nature by integrating brisk walks into our day and, perhaps, the occasional outdoor excursion into our otherwise sheltered lives. Even those of us who would rather... Continue Reading →

Getting it ‘Just Right’

Dear Reader, Do you know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? In the fairytale that I grew up hearing, a young girl enters into the home of three bears while they are away. She tries their porridge remarking that one is too hot, another is too cold, and the third is just right.... Continue Reading →

Something Old, Something New

Dear Reader, As you look around your home, how much old clutter do you see lying around? Let’s say you picked up a tennis habit quite a while ago and now have a racket hanging on the inside of the coat closet. Although you haven’t played tennis in a decade, the racket is familiar to... Continue Reading →

One Voice in a Sea of Millions

Dear Reader, We recently celebrated a leap year, which incidentally means that it is a presidential election year in the United States. Whether you are a political junkie or refuse to touch any campaign with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole, there is no denying that the election is happening with or without you. Although I have a... Continue Reading →

Degrees of Freedom

Dear Reader,  How free is your free time? For a single working adult, free time could simply be the time not spent at work. However, for a mother of two young children, free time may only be the hour or two at the end of the day after the little ones are tucked into bed.... Continue Reading →

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