Good Things Come in Moderation

Dear Reader, When it comes to breaking habits, are you more of a tortoise or a hare? A tortoise--slow and steady--would be more likely to opt for gradual, moderate change. A hare, on the other hand, is more likely to take the fastest possible steps. When it comes to changing habits, I, for better or... Continue Reading →

A Simple Request

Dear Reader, Do you ever give money to homeless people? I have on occasion, but I am not really into the habit of it. I have a vague childhood memory in which I asked my mom why she did not give money to a homeless man we passed on the streets of NYC. She said... Continue Reading →

Dull, Bleak, and Humdrum

Dear Reader, How are these winter months treating you? I admit that this corner of the year (January - mid-March) is perhaps my least favorite. I live in Boston; this means that the nights get longer in early November and going outside without a jacket isn’t really an option after September. Although it gets cold... Continue Reading →

I Won’t Have What He’s Having

Dear Reader, Is it ever appropriate to send food back at a restaurant just because you did not like it? Today, my boyfriend and I visited a ritzy restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood for brunch. The place was crowded, and we were seated in close proximity to neighbors on both sides. The menu items... Continue Reading →

By the Pound

Dear Reader, Are you a fan of thrift shopping? As a budget buyer, I have visited a number of second-hand stores from Goodwill to the fancy consignment shops. In my time thrifting, I have never twice run into a place like the Garment District. The Garment District is a thrift store in Cambridge, Massachusetts that... Continue Reading →

Small Small Talkers

Dear Reader, Sometimes you just can’t skip the small talk. Yesterday, my office hosted a winter cookie party (more on that here). People from all corners of the office convened in a small lounge elbow-to-elbow to enjoy the scrumptious spread of sugary selections. While many of us do not enjoy small talk, it is customary... Continue Reading →

American Sugar Bomb

Dear Reader, Do you have a sweet tooth? I certainly do. If you live in the U.S. like I do, your definition of “sweet” may be on a whole other level than the rest of the world. Today, my office hosted a winter cookie party. The event took place in the early afternoon right around... Continue Reading →

Leaving the Virtual Bubble

Dear Reader, Did you ever have that day in high school or college when you could learn about the different school clubs and sign up for them? In college, we had a few days at the beginning of each term devoted to showcasing on-campus activities. The auditorium would be packed with tables like a career... Continue Reading →

The Treatment Trap

Dear Reader, I have a rather peculiar question for you – is dry skin born or made? It is the dead of winter in Boston and my skin is drier than ever. I find myself applying chapstick at least three times a day and moisturizer for hands at least twice. I have a family member... Continue Reading →

Where Do I Exist?

Dear Reader, How big is your existence? Do you have a large family, an abundance of friends, and call a few different locations home? Or, perhaps, does your path cross with fewer people and your home is just one tiny spot on the map? On my afternoon commute today, I started to think about my... Continue Reading →

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