Saving Lives is NOT for the Faint of Heart

Dear Reader, There’s this meme, featuring a light switch titled “how my brain works,” with the words “utterly obsessed” at the top of the switch and “uninterested” at the bottom. That, dear Reader, is how my interests work much of the time. Do anyone else’s interests swing like a pendulum? At the time of this... Continue Reading →

I’m Feeling ’22

Dear Reader, It’s 2022 and I am absolutely struck by how quickly time flies! I am writing this to you as I prepare to go on a six-mile hike at Boston’s Blue Hills Reservation with a local group. Two years ago, I wrote a post about preparing for my first hike with the same group... Continue Reading →

Can you beat jet lag?

Dear Reader, Have you ever suffered from jet lag? And, I do mean “suffered” rather than “experienced.” While I have experienced tiredness and have gone to bed a little too early or too late on occasion after flying, I feel that today is truly my first experience suff-er-ing from jet lag. First, what is jet... Continue Reading →

It may be just the German way?

Dear Reader, As I sit on the Lufthansa plane, departing from Frankfurt, Germany, I’m already starting to miss this country. For those of you who follow, you will already know that I encountered a somewhat unfortunate series of events already. First, before I even departed from Boston, I learned at an airport check-in counter... Continue Reading →

The Isolation Diaries

Dear Reader, If you’ve been following along with my blog, you will know that I am writing to you in isolation as I have recently tested positive for COVID-19 (more here and here). While I was lucky to have my health (no more symptoms!), isolation in the two-room, ground-floor apartment in Bavaria, Germany was not... Continue Reading →

Is Flying Making You Sick?

Dear Reader, This is kind of gross, but I am writing to you at the moment on a Deutsche Bahn train with a runny nose. As mundane as this sounds, I am astounded by this development, as I haven’t been sick since 2019 — over two years! Before COVID-related social distancing measures, I would catch... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day in Hamburg, Germany

Dear Reader, It’s hard to love a city on a rainy day. During my stay in Berlin, Germany (more here and here), I had the pleasure of taking a short excursion to the city Hamburg. Only about two hours north-west from the capital city by train, Hamburg is Germany’s second largest metropolitan area and is... Continue Reading →

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