[Review] Adultery by Paulo Coelho

Dear Reader, They ask what the problem is. We say that everything is fine, but it’s not … Everything is awful. Have you ever found your thoughts miring in such a dismal place? These are the musings of Linda, a well-to-do journalist, wife, and mother in Switzerland. From an outsider’s perspective, Linda appears to have it... Continue Reading →

Who Shot Alexander Hamilton?

Dear Reader I recently saw the musical Hamilton and naturally, I’m chockablock with opinions. I had, of course, heard of Hamilton long before Lin Manuel Miranda’s brainchild exploded onto the scene in 2015 (I mean Hamilton is on the $10 bill after all). My first real introduction to Alexander Hamilton was in my eighth-grade U.S. history... Continue Reading →

Hello Again

Dear Reader, I haven’t written here in a long while and there isn’t a very good reason for this unexpected pause. To put what I’m saying into context, I should first explain that I started this blog in 2019 and published posts daily for a full year. After that, I slowly tapered off in intensity... Continue Reading →

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