You Can’t Buy Elbow Grease

Dear Reader, Buying used products can be hit-or-miss. While I have been very happy and grateful to buy and receive used clothes and supplies, every once in a while I am blown away for all the wrong reasons. My most recent used purchase was a beautiful red bicycle… or so it seemed. If you follow... Continue Reading →

One Wheel at a Time

Dear Reader, When you are a beginner, it is natural to believe that the struggles you face are normal and that you will get better with practice. This is how I approached riding a bike again as an adult. I know how to ride a bicycle (does one ever really forget 😉 ), but I... Continue Reading →

Two Good Wheels

Dear Reader, Sometimes you love things even when they hurt you… at least that’s how I feel about my new bicycle. One unfortunate side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that universities are closing their campuses and students are being evicted from housing. With less than a week’s notice to pack up their belongings, students... Continue Reading →

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