Some Call It Karma

Dear Reader, Do you believe in karma? Full disclosure, I barely believe in anything, but something that happened recently could easily be considered karma. A while back, I unofficially declared that November is the month to celebrate “giving” (more here). In the spirit of giving, I took the opportunity to give away many used items... Continue Reading →

Givers Ought Not Be Choosers

Dear Reader, Do you ever buy things on Facebook Marketplace? Through this Facebook feature, it is quite easy to coordinate the buying, selling, and delivering of items as small as used earrings to as big as a whole mattress in your community. After living in Boston for a few years, I have now had a... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Giving

Dear Reader, This greeting comes long overdue, but “happy November!” If you divide the months into four quarters, the last and — perhaps, most eventful — quarter would be October, November, December. I am just now coming down from my Halloween hype (more here) and the election excitement (regardless of your political affiliation, that was doozy... Continue Reading →

A Simple Request

Dear Reader, Do you ever give money to homeless people? I have on occasion, but I am not really into the habit of it. I have a vague childhood memory in which I asked my mom why she did not give money to a homeless man we passed on the streets of NYC. She said... Continue Reading →

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